About Us

The quality of life for any community is measured principally by the success of its Public Safety and Public School systems. The people of Prince Georgeís County understand this very clearly, and have worked tirelessly to achieve superior schools and secure neighborhoods.

We constantly hear newspaper and TV stories about crime in our communities. We are often so busy, we donít have time to review the crime data in our local papers (which appears every Thursday in The Washington Post and the Gazette).

Thatís why V-Empower created www.CrimeBlotter.org. We took on the challenge of finding and mapping all crime dataÖand then delivering it to your desktop. Simply enter your Zip Code, and CrimeBlotter.org does all the searching for you, pin-pointing the exact location of all crimes around your neighborhood.

V-Empower started CrimeBlotter.org project in February 2006 by collecting all the crime data from the Washington Post with the help of several volunteers. The website was launched in July 2006, with just the crime mapping function at first. In early 2007, we enhanced the maps by including crime statistics. Then we launched our crime-tracking tool on February 12, 2008 -- offering a more user-friendly design, navigation that was more intuitive and a number of new features. Communities now have all the tools necessary to partner closely with their neighborhood police.

V-Empower, Inc. (www.v-empower.com) has invested about $ 40,000 so far in building and maintaining this tool. A similar tool by the City of Chicago and District of Columbia took several years of planning and execution, and had a price tag of about $ 2 million each!

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